Chinese Calligraphy Art

001IxNejty6DS4jJ9FD81&690学海无涯   Meaning: Knowledge is boundless.

Chinese Calligraphy and paintings of flowers and birds  中国花鸟字

Flowers-and-birds words, also called the dragons-and-phoenixes words, which are spelling patterns with some flowers and birds into Chinese characters, a combination of calligraphy and painting art form. Such as a colorful flower and bird, insect and fish, to fusion with calligraphy. Calligraphy and paintings of flowers and birds with nature landscape and flowers and birds as symbols, entity brushwork of traditional Chinese painting, blend in the font, lifelike, looking at “word” can “” meaning” is by have flower-and-bird painting. It is more than the Spring Festival, temple fair and some festival rally to see. Therefore most wrote some auspicious words, pray to lucky.


                        Meaning: 忍 / Bear    鸟 / Bird   花 / Flower    学/Study2009092015701

寿    Meaning: Longevity

Now see bird of calligraphy and painting in the temple fair is given priority to with writing the names of the customers,  the purpose of the buyer or by pray lucky gradually transformed into a novelty. It has also become a kind of street art in other western countries.


芝柏张   personal name: Paizhi Zhang

Feast for the eyes of calligraphy and paintings of flowers and birds can also be wrote and painted as English word. 赏心悦目的花鸟字画 也可以写英文字。54780_1

the tools of Calligraphy and painting of flower and birds054204085281E02A6A0A47449EB59905Huaniaozi_gongju

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