James Marsh


James Marsh is one of my favorite contemporary artists. His surrealistic art uses a great deal of symbolism, metaphors, natural motifs and often incorporates anthropomorphic imagery inspire me.

  • James Marsh is an English visual artist, illustrator, Designer & Author.
  • He was recognized internationally in Advertising, Publishing, Editorial arenas since the ’60’s. He works Internationally in all areas of the media, with Individuals through to Corporate clients.
  • He preferably a free-hand to create solutions in a Conceptual way, using any medium appropriate to achieve the desired results, whether it be Illustration, Graphics, Photography etc.
  • All projects are carried out from Concept Visuals, through to Print-Ready Digital Files.
  • He’s best known for collaborating with the seminal ‘80s band Talk Talk, creating all their iconic album covers & posters throughout their illustrious career.
  • In 2003 the Independent Newspaper named him in “The Top Ten Leading British Illustrators”.

He said: “I seem to have come full circle really, gravitating to my designer roots, although, I like to think of it as an ever expanding circle.

Jame Marsh, Art& Design: Biography, n.d. Retrieved from: http://jamesmarsh.com


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