Muhe Zhao 趙慕鶴


  • Zhao Muhe (赵慕鹤) , born in 1912, can be said a legend. He is a Insect Body Chinese Calligraphy live in Taiwan. Age is just a number, and at 105, he exemplifies that maxim.
  • He learned the insect body Chinese Calligraphy since he was a child. I write and painting by using Chinese ink and rise paper.
  • Due to the Sino-Japanese War and Chinese civil war, in order  to avoid disaster, he went to Taiwan and taught in college till retire. Throughout that time, he continued to hone is calligraphy skills, and for many years, he has been selling his works for charity, donating the funds to poor students.
  • In 2011, at 100 years old, one of his calligraphy works was chosen by the British Museum to be placed among its permanent collection of artworks.
  • At 101 years old in Hong Kong he opened a calligraphy exhibition, and became the best-selling author! Alive be work miracles!
  • Now at the age of 105, this remarkable man has developed new interests and is learning English and surfing the Internet.

 His friend ask him: Zhao, you are dying, why are you still learning computer

 He said: But I am still alive!

CCTV News, Facebook, 04, January, 2016. Retrieved from:



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