My design brief

For this class I intend to learn desired technical methods and new skills to perform the ART OF COFFEE project as my practice in the Furnace course. For my personal aims I want to achieve as below:

– Deeply understanding lecture’s tutorials and material or media using.

– Set up e-journal with distinct sections and categories by utilizing this BLOG.

– Conduct research to inform and generate own ideas innovative outputs, including relevant technologies, strategies, media and methods.

– Produce my personal development workshop that evidences my reflection and critical thinking and up skilling and knowledge.

– Investigate typical artists or designers within the art & design and an area of ART OF COFFEE.

– Documenting and recording the details of procession sketches, photos, methods, etc.

Exploring and defining the terms of Transformation, Juxtaposition and Metamorphosis:

Transformation characteristics are:

– Alternative uses of tools and materials

– Narratives, myths and legends

– Trick of the eye

– Psychological manifestations

Juxtaposition characteristics are:

– combining two disparate things causing their differences to be highlighted and may create a new meaning where one didn’t exist before

– Is an often used a creative tool.

– While this might seem contemporary it has been around for a very long time.

– Has similarities to metamorphosis

Metamorphosis characteristics are:

– A biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching

– involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal’s body structure through cell growth and differentiation.

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